Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vocabulary lesson

I love this age!  Campbell is just hilarious.  She has a quick wit about her (she got that from her mother, I am sure) and her vocabulary is quite large for a three year old.

Here are a few of my favorite words:

"I need to sleep with lots of am-ee-uhls at bed time!"

Sun scream
"Mommy, don't get the sun scream in my eyes!"

"I need some ice cream, ecuz my tummy is grumbly."

"Baby brudder!! Stop pulling my hair!"

fink: think
"I fink we should go to the beach."

And Hootie's personal fave...
"I like my milky wom."  Opposed to hot or cold...

Some oldies but goodies from other members of this family:
Glassable- breakable (Dayce)
Sink water- tap water (Dayce)
De-roderant- deoaderant (Heather)

I am sure you've got a list of your own family's words... funny how they stick, isn't it?