Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aunt Sandy

I racked my brain for the perfect birthday gift for you... high thread count sheets, a top with "nice hand," something made entirely of high end dark chocolate?

Then, I realized that the perfect gift is something you can enjoy time and time again- never getting tired of it. So, this is something I never get tired of. This little girl cracks me up! Don't get me wrong: she is still kicking my ass, but she is the sunshine of my life! Here is a little ray for you to enjoy on your special day.

I love you, I love you, I love you!
I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Renee, Alan, Campbell, & Stratton

Halloween rocks

I am a huge fan of Halloween! I always have been... I love all of it: Dressing up, decorating the house, going to haunted houses, trick or treaters, and of course the candy. So, even though I did nothing but bitch about being pregnant during the hottest summer on record, how perfect was it for me to have a baby right smack dab in the middle of October? I'll tell you: absolutely perfect! This poor child will have more Halloween themed birthdays than you can shake a stick at. With some TX-OU football themed parties sprinkled in as well...

Stratton may have only been two weeks old, but that did not stop us from dressing him up for his first Halloween experience. No, it is not cruel! It is cool! Campbell and I struggled for weeks over what The Bean would be. We had no idea how big he would be, if he would comply with wearing a hat, if he would have an opinion about his costume, or... say... if he had an aversion to the color yellow. Thankfully, he is a good and cooperative baby. Campbell threatened to use her Fairy Witch powers on him and turn him into a toad if he misbehaved... lucky for us he was on his best behavior.

Top Banana

Mmmmm chocolate

Practicing for the big day