Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A lovely little story

A month is a long time to go without sharing. Plus I need to make some room on my memory card in my camera...
I went to Pleasanton to celebrate my 30th birthday

I hung out with my best peeps (please excuse my lazy eyes...?)

We went to dinner

Alan wore my Mom's blue reading glasses and Heather made fun of him

Cash and Kay shared a bottle of wine

Later, we happened upon another cowboy, though  much taller than Cash

And some rogue cattle that needed tending to...
so I did

Before we knew it we were surrounded by cows with really long horns

Seriously... there were LOTS of horns

So we decided to Hook Em out of there.

The End

Already time for another

My birthday came and went.  One of my stresses, i mean treats was taking Stratton for his first haircut.
Translation:  I was tired of all the crap I was taking from everyone.  I thought his hair looked perfectly masculine.

His Dad and PawPaw did not agree.  And, the truth is I knew if I did not participate I would end up missing the event all together.

So we made another trip to good ole Fantastic Sam's in Pleasanton.  I am pleased to report that this experience was MUCH more enjoyable.  Remember this little incident?? Well... not The Bean.
He almost slept through the whole thing.

And since I have been slacking on the blog, Stratton is already due for another haircut! I am betting they all are!

Peace & Love from Leander!

Musings of a Diva

What does lenient mean?
What does curious mean?
Why is brocolli green?
Why is Sratty (no T present) crying?

 I miss my Grita.