Friday, June 17, 2011

Not a children's book

 This is such a cute book.

We did not feel cute yesterday as helicopters flew over our neighborhood trying to put out the 60 acre fire that was creeping towards our house.

All the homes in our neighborhood were evacuated for a brief period as the fire was not easily accessible to fire trucks (what a snarky thing for a fire to do)... and the wind was picking up.
In the end the awesome fire fighters and pilots controlled the fire and we did not burn to a crisp.  Although the neighborhood does smell like we were all doing some serious BBQ-ing through the night.

Interestingly enough, we have plans on what to do in all sorts of emergencies when we are AT home but not a plan for if our home IS the emergency.  As I rushed home (warp speed = 10 mph on Mopac) I was making a mental list of what I needed to get out of the house.  All I could come up with was:
2. Pictures (already boxed and ready to go)
3. Computer tower
4. Sandy's wedding dress (right beside the pictures)

I figured the rest could be replaced.  Campbell and Stratty were at school, so was the Stinky Old Green Lovie (otherwise that would have been the first material item on the grab and go list). Alan was at work.
And, I had on a really cute pair of shoes that go with practically everything... I kid. I kid. Sort of.

Anyway, we were lucky and are very grateful to all the Public Safety workers that put themselves in harms way to keep the fire at bay.  Campbell and I are planning to bake something for the fire fighters in our area. 

Now, go check your smoke detectors, put a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and by your outdoor grill, and shame every smoker you know into quitting or at least keeping their ashes and butts in the car!

Love you all and thanks for checking in on us yesterday!