Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cupcakes and Alice for breakfast

My mothering skills are either completely tanking or Campbell's toddler skills are much more acutely refined...
This morning she requested and was thus given a cupcake for breakfast. Don't think for a moment that it was some nutri-grain, multi-grain, cheerio derived "cupcake" either. Oh no- this was the real thing. Fully accompanied by chocolate buttercream frosting and sprinkles.
"Oh but you probably sat together at the table and had your cupcake breakfast as a family," you say.

If by table you mean coffee table.... And, if by as a family, you mean including Walt Disney, Alice and all the darling creatures in her Wonderland... then yes.

Peace out from Campbell's House!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Dora the Explorer here (& a shout out to Papaw)

So our Christmas card needed work... Campbell was not feeling well that day and to be frank, I couldn't reschedule the appointment because I had waited too long. I needed to get the cards in the mail. In the end we ended up with a picture of Alan and Campbell kissing and me looking like I just wanted to be in the shot. In all honesty, it was a cute picture but I got a lot of heat (mainly from Grita) because it did not showcase Campbell. Hello Valentine cards. I should have ordered more... but you get the idea- nice paper, lovely colors, super cute kiddo!
So for her first Valentine card exchange we will not be handing out Dora the Explorer or Cinderella cards. Nope, not even Little Einsteins or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... no, no, no- we will be passing out customized cards to 10 classmates and her teachers. Why, why, why do I do this to myself? At least they were "on sale."

Also, I couldn't resist sharing this precious picture of Campbell and her Papaw! What a pair.
Good kisses!!
Watch out for cupid!
Campbell's Mom

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweet dreams, my little cod fish

This kid is too much!
Campbell's usual bedtime companions are the Hippo and Loretta (and their blankies). Tonight, she needed "special" friends in order to get to sleep: the Hippo, Loretta, their blankies (one a piece), Mr. Moreno (bear), Beasley (tiger), Cricket (baby doll), her lovie (green furry blanket), Jenny (lovie with a giraffe head), an actual blanket for warmth, a pillow, and not one but two passies! Oh, and note the crossed legs- in her sleep! I am telling you- she is toooo much! There was barely room for all of them in the bed. When I sneaked in later this evening to remove some of her bed partners, I swear, she grunted and did a half asleep inventory to make sure everyone was still there.

I guess a girl is pooped-out after a weekend at Grita's.

Here are a few other cute pics from the weekend.
Made for pigtails!

Opal says, Wazzz up????

Sandy & Alan

Peace Out from Cedar Park!
-Campbell's Mom