Friday, May 29, 2009

Aunt Hooty is a Hack

Well I am sure you can tell straight away that this is not Renee typing...she is too busy packing for the big move. And if any of you have called me lately and got my voice mail, you know that Renee has my password...well guess what...her code is not that hard to crack HAHAHAHA

So let's see...where to begin....Last weekend Renee & Alan had a pool party to attend. Worked out GREAT for us! We got Campbell for the whole weekend. We had a blast! She is so fun! And quite the comic. It is so obvious that her and Opal love each other soooo much. They just look at each other and smile. And Campbell is so cute, trying to get Opal to do what she wants. She will tell her "Come on Opes". Cracks me up!

So here are some pictures of our fun weekend:

Straight to the sandbox. Yep that is blue sand - Campbell didn't want to get her skirt dirty so it came off immediately. That's how we roll at Grita's house!

She also go to help Papa and Uncle Deuce do some cattle working:

She got in the trailer, pet the cow on the nose then got out. She kept a close eye on Papa to make sure he knew what he was doing though...

I also have a very loving, very annoying, VERY friendly cat at my house. Melvin rescued him out of the tree and he has been there ever since. His name is Bevo...

I'm telling you this cat is strange. Campbell decided he needed some sprinkles??? (Gravel rocks) After all, everything is better with sprinkles, right Renee?

While at Grita's, Campbell and Opal also did a little cooking:

I'm thinking they could be in the next calendar Naked Chefs 2009...What do you think?

I am telling you we had sooo much fun playing with Campbell and letting her do things that her mother would never let her do.

We took her to Wal-Mart. She was walking (okay it was more like gallivanting) through the aisles. She decided she wanted some cheese. We let her pick her own cheese - she chose the two colored string cheese variety. She walked around Wal-Mart eating her cheese. All except the last see she had to hold it by the wrapper and eat only the part that was exposed. And that last bite just wouldn't cooperate. (I found out later that is the proper way to eat sticky foods, like zone bars for breakfast) Anyway, we were leaving and I said "okay, I guess we are through at Wal-Mart - Campbell do you need anything else?"

She replies: "ummmmm. Ya - a necklace"

I mean she is Renee's child after all!!

I beleive at this point I am supposed to say:
Peace out from Cedar Park

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yin and Yang



I LU-HUV watermelon! And it looks like I've found a buddy to eat it with. Alan will have an occasional slice of la sandia- but he tends to furrow his brow at the way I try to power through an entire melon in a single sitting... ok sometimes two sittings. I would like to blame this obsession with watermelons on "the bean" but alas I am watermelon-greedy from way back.

It took great restraint for me not to show my precious baby girl how to spit the seeds like only a true country girl can. We're saving that for next summer!

And, yes, we are sitting on an outdoor bench cushion inside the kitchen. I figured if eating inside food outdoors is white trash enough for France, then eating watermelon inside on outdoor furniture is white trash enough for Texas! It is too stinking hot outside... I will blame my temperature intoleance on "the bean." And since we're blaming "the bean" I thought it was appropriate to include "the bean" in the YANG shot. (That one is for you, Miss Jaylee!)

Peace out (and about to pop) from Cedar Park,
Campbell's Mom

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Craig's List virgin no more

Yes, I've heard about Craig's List murders, rapes, robbers, and all the other goons out there. But, I've also heard lots of great things about unloading unwanted furniture on Craig's List. So this morning at 7a, I held my breath and crossed my fingers as I hit the POST button to advertise my dining room furniture for sale. I think I had a mini panic attack while I awaited my confirmation email.

In less than two hours I had a legitimate offer. By lunch I had cash in hand! By 8:00 this evening, the furniture is gone!! That is what I call a successful First Time!

I have to admit that as the buyer's people drove away, I had a tinge of a knot in my stomach and a tear in my eye. Not sure if it was due to the Jed Clampet style packing job or because seeing it go drove home the realization that we will soon be leaving this beautiful house. A house that has been very good to us! A house filled with love and happiness (and a female ghost).

I know the love and happiness will be the easiest things to move... but how do you pack a ghost?

Speaking of packing, better get back to it.
Peace out from Campbell's House!

Monday, May 18, 2009


First a couple of cuties from a GREAT Mother's Day weekend!

Now onto the matter at hand:
My house is a complete shambles!

There are boxes everywhere. We have small boxes; medium boxes; large boxes; packed, labeled, and taped boxes; partially packed boxes; broken down boxes; waiting to be packed, labeled and taped boxes; boxes in the hallway; boxes in the kitchen; boxes in the bathroom; boxes, Boxes, BOXES!


In addition to all the boxes, there is stuff everywhere. How did we accumulate all these things? And how did I have it all so neatly organized (and more importantly OUT OF MY SIGHT)? It is truly baffling.
My little assistant, is quite confused by the whole process. Maybe Grita is right- I've either ruined her or perfected her! She maneuvers her small little body through the endless maze making her best effort to help Mommy "Keen Up!" She has disappeared on many occasions only to reappear with her pink leopard print broom in hand... Ruined or Perfect? Hard to say, huh?
I am trying to find order in all the chaos. However, I know that in just a few short weeks and the mess will reappear at the new house. Perhaps, I can find some calm and comfort in finding new homes for all our old things.

As for the present: Campbell and Alan are doing their best to help me cope with the tiny panic attacks I have daily. This rainy weekend, Campbell was stuck to her Daddy like glue. Mommy is O-U-T and Daddy is IN! You could see that he was just eating it up with a spoon, too!
Peace Out from Cedar Park!
Campbell's Mom

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've been slacking

There is really no good reason for it. However, I do have lots of excuses...

1. For those of you who are not connected to the Pleasanton, Texas based grapevine, Campbell is going to be a big sister! Woo hoo! We are totally excited! (I am scared to death at the mere thought of it possibly being a boy.... think pink!) The new addition is set to arrive in October.
2. We finally sold our house. And I am in the pre-packing mode.
3. We spent every weekend in April in Pleasanton.
4. Did I mention I am pregnant, already?

Anyway, lots has been going on.

We had a lovely Easter picnic at the ranch. Complete with an Easter egg hunt, cascarones, and lots of yummy food. I do have to say that the annual picnic is much more fun with a cocktail mixed it. Or, maybe it is just me that is more fun with a cocktail mixed in...

Campbell grew up. That is she had a birthday and has started talking non-stop! I wonder where she gets that? We celebrated at the San Antonio Zoo. It was perfect weather and the animals were very cooperative- some a little too cooperative. The monkeys did their best to give the children a sex education lesson. Gross monkeys!I hope you've all been well. And I promise to do better!
I am sure you're all dying to get a look at the ever growing bump. This is a picture of me eating lunch at the zoo.

Peace Out from Campbell's House!