Friday, February 19, 2010

In The Big Apple with Big Al

On my birthday last year I was 8 gigantic months pregnant and all I really wanted was a glass of wine... and to be un-pregnant.  So, imagine my surprise when Alan gave me tickets to a Broadway show of my choice!  I assumed he meant a local show... nope.  He meant an actual trip to Broadway!  How cool!  I knew immediately that I wanted to see Mary Poppins.

This was my first trip to New York and we had a blast! The weather did threaten our departure but we made it out on time.  The city greeted us with snow plowed streets, clear skies, and frigid temperatures.
I donned my best Texas accent and ventured out to play tourista!
I was surprised by all the nice people we met.

Hanging out at Cello Wine Bar. Really nice people and great wine!

We went to the Met to take in some art and culture.  The Bronzini exhibit was really interesting.  Some of the other art... well, you'll have to decide for yourself.

My Auntie had a ceramic relica of this.

Aboriginal "art" or porno?

I took this picture especially for Heather.  I thought she would enjoy the dancing child!

We took a stroll through Central Park... yes, those are high heels.

And made a quick stop in Rockefeller Center

We simply could not have done Valentine's Day in NYC without going to The Empire State Building for a kiss!  We paid homage to Cary Grant and all the other love stories that include that beautiful backdrop.

Then, we rounded off the trip with Mary Poppins. 
It was, and please excuse the obvious adjective, supercalifragilisticexpealidious!

What a fantastic trip!  The only two things that could have made it any better were if Julie Andrews herself was playing the role of Mary Poppins and if my Mariposa peeps could have been there with us to enjoy the performance.
Thanks, Pie! I loved every minute!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Bachelor

No... not this Bachelor

But THIS Bachelor... and the Bobby Soxer

This afternoon while I was searching the DVR for the requested episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the TV was on Turner Classic Movies. So as I scrolled through the recorded list I was swooning for Cary Grant in the tiny inset picture in the corner of the screen.  I have loved Cary Grant for as long as I can remember.  Something about him...
And then it happened!
Campbell said, "Mommy, I like this show."  And she sat down in her chair.
Fast as I could, I ditched the recorded list.
"This show?"  I asked?
"Yep.  I like him,"  she said very matter of factly.

I swear to you, she is EXACTLY what I ordered!  Three years old?  Cary Grant?  Shopper?  Fashionista?  She totally ROCKS!

And, Hootie will attest to Campbell's comedic timing... but this is almost too much:
If you've never seen the movie, you simply must.  I insist.
Anyway, we get to the famous You Remind Me of a Man scene, 
And then Campbell turns to me and says, "Mommy, YOOOOOOU remind MEEE of a man."
Of course, I laugh.  Then she says, "Now Mommy, You a-pposed to say a joke part about a man... because mans have lots of joke parts!"

Cross my heart.  Swear.
She is a funny kid!
Peace out & past my bedtime!
Campbell's Mom

Sweet smiles

Stratton will be four months old on Monday the 15th.  
I can't believe how much he has already changed!  
Check out his big blue eyes and the Lady Killer smile!

Headlock or hug?  Sometimes it is hard to tell...
What isn't hard to see is that they adore each other!  His face just lights up when he sees Campbell!
Ready to crawl?

The Diva wants a piece of the action, too.  BTW, check out her eye color

"Let's have a tea party," she says.....

Translation: I want to drag out ALL of my stuffed animals.
Slobbering all over her beloved "Stinky Ole Green Lovie!"

 The boy is getting a little worried...

What is this poor child in for the rest of his life?

A lot of tea parties, I am afraid!

Peace out from Campbell's House!