Sunday, September 13, 2009

4D sonogram

Who needs 4D sonograms when modern technology can actually PREDICT what your babies will look like?!

Funny what a little "nesting" will drop into your lap.

I found this lovely blast from the past this morning. This handsome lad would be about ten by now... that is how old the picture is... at least!

Don't you just love the Elvis hair? Very fitting for a Vegas vacation baby. (I am talking about the kid's hair!, not mine!! Although, I am not sure what I have going on either!)

Sadly, his "sister" must have been lost in one of our moves. Maybe Lady Luck will drop her in my lap one day, too. I do remember she had blonde (?) curly (?) hair AND a five o'clock shadow!
Ah, good times!

Peace out from Campbell's House!
CAMPBELL'S MOM (Thank goodness!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

At least it wasn't cigarettes or beer

or Big Red
or cupcakes for breakfast...

But it was her very own cup of iced tea... at 7:00 a.m.... "just like Mommy- with a straw and ice"

In my defense, I did water it down a little. And, I take my tea straight up, on the rocks. No sugar for me so no sugar for her.

I know I have issues. Need proof?
As I was pouring the tea into her pink cup over the requested ice cubes I was saying (aloud- to no one), "This way ,there is no cross contamination. We each have our own." And then, as I let her choose a straw out of the straw container (she chose purple, btw... same color as my straw) I thought, "There are worse things than tea in a sippy cup..." and the mental list making began.

Perhaps, I should fore go the college and wedding funds and start saving for all the therapy she is going to need.

Peace out from Campbell's House!