Sunday, July 18, 2010

What they don't know won't hurt 'em

Successful trip to the beach for my babies! I lu-huv the beach!!!  I really lu-huv the beautiful beaches of Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.  But in a pinch the gulf coast will do. 
I mean, I grew up frolicking in the murky jelly fish infested, tar laden shores of Port Aransas. And when I say grew up, I mean, when I was old enough to get down there... Grita is not a fan of the beach.

But, once I laid eyes on the Caribbean shores, I was hooked. Port Aransas is no Cancun.  But... it is the beach.

I was crossing my fingers that the fruit of my loins would also be beach babies... As luck would have it, they both really liked the beach.  Stratty who never cries about anything (aside from hunger and poopy diapers) pitched a wall-eyed fit when he was not granted permission to crawl at will into the surf unattended.  The Diva wanted to spend  all her time in the water jumping waves.  Ahhh.  Aunt Sandy would be so proud.

And while, I'd like to think that Aunt Sandy was watching over us from heaven and protecting us while we splashed about in the gulf... she must have had to take a tinkle break.  Because poor Opes felt the wrath of a "jelly bean, that ate her up!"  Damn jelly fish.  A kind stranger on the beach lent us a shot of vinegar to kill the pain.   Seems like in the not so distant past another stranger lent us a shot of vodka for hair lightening.... ahhh good times.

All in all the trip was GREAT!  We tanned responsibly... and came home ready to make the trip again soon.

Peace out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad mothering or fiber-licious?

Once again, Hootie would like to point out that Stratton is getting the  SBS or "second born shaft"  (heavy on the BS, I am sure...)

Campbell got the Princess treatment back in the day.  Complete with the Grita-made high chair cover, handy stick to the table placemat, and the Clorox wipes pre-treatment of any surface her little hands, let alone MOUTH might come in contact with.  Not to mention that I was fully armed back then with every toddler snack and sippy cup known to man kind.  Poor Stratty. 

Refried beans, goldfish, and water out of the non-disinfected rim of my water glass at Serano's. He did not have tortilla dipped in bean juice... but I did briefly consider it.  I did have a baby spoon in the MAKE-UP bag in my purse.  To which the Diva inquired: 

Mommy, why you have a spoon in there with OUR lipstick?

Hmmm... good question.  Just call it Super-Mothering!

Happy 9 birth-month-iversary, Stratton!

Peace out and love,
Mother of the Year