Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Maybe we'll name him Trip

(Mom, Me, and Melva)

I have great women in my life. I have noticed over time that there are not all that many women that I truly like. So, the females I have in my life are special and very dear to me.
Hootie, Colette, Orca, and Jill

My lovely girl friends and family gathered a couple of Sundays ago to shower the Bean and me with love & affection and completely AWESOME presents. This little stinker is going to be a fashion plate just like his big sister! In fact, her Majesty scored some pretty snazzy stuff, too! It truly is a joyful feeling to be surrounded by those I love.
Las Mariposas
(Kay, Mom, Campbell, Sandy, Me, Opal, Hootie, Meg, and Wanda)

We had yummy brunch. (Campbell ate....... waffles: straight up- no butter, no syrup- she's weird. Opal ate her way through an omelet, half of my omlet, and requested another... girl likes eggs!)
And, I saw some suspicious looking champagne flutes full of OJ being enjoyed by some...
Less than two months to go before I can partake again! Alas, I just made up the calories in the delicious cupcakes! I have a feeling this baby weight is going to be a tiny bit harder to get off!

And then it happened. Gifts were loaded into the car- time to go home and put things away. Click, click, click. I was walking out the door of the clubhouse. I pushed the door open with my right hand and... SPLAT. Completely wiped the hell out! Totally. Down to all fours on hands and knees on a pebble sidewalk with an audience of about 8. It was just as lovely as you are imagining.
Headline in my head: ORCA TAKES ANOTHER TUMBLE

Before you even ask- I was/am fine. The Bean is used to it- I am a spazz and we've had a couple of spills and lots of near misses. Let's hope he gets Alan's coordination!

Love to all!

Peace out from Campbell's House
Campbell's Mom

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dinner sponsored by the #8

She is getting too smart.
I know you are bored with hearing what an inconsistant and finicky eater Campbell is- trust me, I am just as tired of the meal-time song and dance. Anytime she wants more of anything besides chocolate we all scurry to get said requested "seconds."

This weekend Grita came to town. Opal also came to town. Ptown visitors = overstimulation for both toddlers and not much eating for Campbell...
We ventured out into suburbia for some Mexican food- see for yourself how things went.

Yes, those are chicken strips at a Mexican food restraunt- barely touched I might add...
And, yes, Opal is backwards in the highchair approximately 6 inches from the table.
As Peggy so eloquently puts it: We had our asses handed to us on Saturday!
Later that evening, Her Majesty announced that she wanted chicken for dinner.
Me: Ok, how many pieces of chicken would you like?
Campbell: Ummmmmmmmmmmmm........ eight.
Me: Ok, how about two?
Campbell: No, eight.
So, I heated exactly 2 chicken nuggets....
four freaking times!!!
The kid ate EIGHT chicken nuggets for dinner!!!!
So, she is either:
A. Brilliant and can already multiply
B. She was starving
C. She was teaching me a lesson. Eight means eight, Mom.
Peace out from Campbell's House!
Campbell's Mom