Monday, January 26, 2009

Pretty peas

I am posting this as proof that I am a good mother... Also, it makes me feel better about the brownies I let her eat for breakfast today. Sometimes, it is simply not worth the battle on Monday morning.
Peas and love from Campbell's House!
Campbell's Mom

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just for the record...

Campbell does know how to share.
Ahhh, but on her own terms you say...
Well... perhaps, I say. But that still counts as sharing does it not? She might, possibly, on occasions get the no sharing syndrome from her mother's gene pool.... but as you can see here- she truly loves her Opal. We all do!

As for the To Do List, here is where I stand as of today:

Be a good mother- we went to the park, we've made cookies, and we are still spanking free
Work harder at friendships- located some old friends on Facebook and sent them messages; had a fabby time hanging out with my dear friend Colette for her birthday.
Keep my cool- failed miserably on the walk with Elvis. What a spazz!!!
Stop (ok- cut down on) using curse words- Total freaking failure
Work out more (actually breaking a sweat)- Did not break a sweat, but went for a 45 minute walk with Campbell and Elvis. Fully intended to run, but Sir Spazzola was more than I could take today while pushing the jog stroller!
Be more thankful- Very thankful for the smiles and hugs from Campbell this week! Great mood and attitude!!

Learn- Dug out the owners manual for the Tahoe to figure out the darned interior lights. Sweet success!
Take Elvis for more walks- Check.

Try new foods- i can't say that I have tried anything new, but I am considering giving brussel sprouts a try.
Read, read, read- Does the Tahoe manual count? How about Facebook posts? =) Actually I am finishing up World Without End.
Stop complaining - yeah right
Figure out Facebook- Still getting there.
Come to terms with the terrible twos!!! Is this possible????????????- Today she was an angel and in a terrific mood!

Seems like I still have a ways to go. But I am making progress.
Peace out from Cedar Park,
Campbell's Mom

Monday, January 5, 2009

Campbell's New Year's kiss

First, let me start by saying that we had a fabulous holiday season. We spent lots of time with the collective family. Alan and I are truly blessed by families that get along or fake it really well.
We successfully spent Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years with various combinations of our two families. All drama free. Can you imagine? We had loved ones from California- all the way to Georgia- the mega-lopolis of Pleasanton- down to the Rio Grande Valley. Honestly, I am not sure if they are doing it for the sake of the grandkids, Alan's great cooking, or the mass quantities of booze... Regardless, we thoroughly enjoyed every moment shared with them all.

Of course as the new year begins I have a list of To-Dos. Maybe if I share them on the www i'll be more inclined to actually achieve them all this year. I'll keep you posted.

Be a better wife
Be a good mother
Work harder at friendships
Show appreciation to loved ones- often
Keep my cool
Stop (ok- cut down on) using curse words
Work out more (actually breaking a sweat)
Be more thankful. Mom- you are making this one easy!
Have more fun
Take Elvis for more walks (see photo above)
Recycle (thanks, Claudia)
De-junk-i-fy my closets
Make time
Try new foods
Read, read, read
Stop complaining (hello purple bracelet)
Figure out Facebook
Come to terms with the terrible twos!!! Is this possible????????????

I think 2009 is going to be great! It may be difficult, but I know that I am going to enjoy it! I have a magnificent husband, and a sassy, precocious, darling daughter who make the day to day all worth the while. Add in the beautiful Mariposas in my life that are joy incarnate, along with my family and friends... now that is a recipe for success, if I've ever heard it.

PS- As I sit here typing away, Campbell is chattering my ear off from around the corner. I understand something about "Cricket" (her baby doll) and "tee tee". I tell her if Cricket needs to tee tee you should take her to the potty.... silence.... more chattering.... something about Cricket... "uh oh"... around the corner comes Campbell.
"need you... need you... come eeer, come eeer!"
I follow her to the bathroom- and there sits, or should i say swims, Cricket in the big girl potty.
I guess I should add "Be more specific" to my To Do list.

Love yas!!
Peace Out from Campbell's House!!
Campbell's Mom