Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's late and I've had wine

First let me just say that I do not understand homework for babies!  What is that?? Whatever.  I can craft when I have to- but I really prefer when Grita and Hootie are left to the actual "doing" and I can just stand by and supervise... er, boss them.
Anyway, it is Thanksgiving. Blah blah blah.  We are putting pennies in the penny pail at school for needy families.  We are donating cans of food to the grocery carts for needy families.  And now, turns out... we are doing homework so that we can transform our children into Pilgrims.

Diva asks:  Mommy what is a pilgrim?
Diva:  MOMMY! I said, what is a pilgrim.
Me:  I know.  I was thinking.
Diva:  Well, what do you fink?
Me: I fink i need a drink.  (No, i did not really say that!  She would totally rat me out at school if I said that.) They were the first people to come to America.
Diva: Did they say the Pledge of Allegiance?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? SHE IS 3 and a HALF!!!!!

Me: No, I don't think the pledge was around back then.
Diva: Why are we making a hat out of paper?
Me:  Good question.  And it is a bonnet, if you please.

Please note the Princess stickers in picture #2. I feel certain that if the pilgrim women would have had access to princess stickers they would have adorned their bonnets with such.   And, as I said before, I've had wine.  I am sure that these pictures will come back to haunt me!

At least Campbell participated in her homework.  The Bean had long since been in bed when I took on this little project.  The instructions said to make his pilgrim hat out of paper, too.  As IF!!  He would have torn that thing to shreds in less that 30 seconds.  We went with a solo cup and some spray paint.  Like I said, I can craft when necessary!

Peggy, I can hear you laughing!  Happy Birthday, Love!

Peace out from the Pilgrims of Leander!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Growing up

~A couple of weeks ago~
Campbell:  Mommy, I fink I am going to have a baby in my tummy.
Me: Someday, I bet you will.
C:  When?
Me: Go ask your daddy.
C:  Daddy, when can I have a baby in my tummy?
Alan:  When your 26.  (I thought he would say something like 40!! or over my dead body)
C: Mommy, 26 is a long time after 4 isn't it?
Me: Yes. (Thank goodness!!)

~This morning on the way to school~
C:  Mommy, how do dogs get to people?
Me: Remember how we went and picked up Ripley at Miss Laura's house?
C: (Disgusted) No, how do they grow up to people?
Me: They don't.  They grow up into dogs.
C: (Even more disgusted) No.  Do dogs come out of people's tummies?
Me:  No, puppies come out of Mommy dogs' tummies?
C:  What about cows?
Me:  Baby cows come from Mommy cows' tummies?
C:  So it has to be a match?
Me:  Right
Long pause of silence from the back seat.
C: Like me and you?
Me: Right
But now I can practically see the wheels turning in her head...
C:  Well, then... what about Stratty?  He is not a match.
Me:  Sure he is.  It is a people match.
C: Hmmm.  More silence.  Well, how did he get in there?
Me:  It's called science.  And you will learn all about it when you are a little older.
C: How old?  When I am 5?
Me:  Maybe
C:  Can we paint after school today?

Heavy conversation for 7:00a.  I wonder what they talk about when Alan takes them to school!

Peace out!

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's a dog's life

What can I say?
I am a glutton for punishment?  Perhaps.  But I still couldn't get over the B+ I earned for Stratton's birthday party ... and the lame train and lack of tracks that we gave him as a gift.  That, and the fact that this little guy was seriously CUTE!
So, Believe It or Not we have a puppy in the house.  His name is Ripley and he couldn't be cuter if he tried.  Well, he could be a little cuter if he whimpered less during the night.

Peace out from Leander

Monday, November 1, 2010

Snow White and a Stinker

Last year, he had not developed his free will.  He was only 16 days old! And the cutest banana EVER.
Turns out, it only takes 381 days to fully develop.  He flat refused to wear his skunk costume. Period.  A single outing to Picture People wearing it was all he had in him.  Not sure if he felt undignified or insulted or just HOT.  Regardless, we had to go with plan B.  Enter devil horns (which, by the by I had left over in great quantities from his father's 40th birthday bash last September.  I know, I know... one more topic for him to discuss in therapy one day.)

So, Snow White and I joined the neighbors for the annual hay ride Trick or Treat!

She wasn't bashful or nervous. She followed the lead of the bigger kids and she had a great time!
I have always loved Halloween but I love it even more, now.

Peace out!

Blair Witch?

Sometimes I let Campbell take pictures with my camera. 
It is interesting to see what the world looks like from the perspective of a 3 1/2 year old.

Sometimes, she gets a less than flattering shot.  And sometimes that shot is of herself. 

Whahhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh!!

Numero Uno

We've gone from this

To this
And, while he is not allowed to play any position on the football team except maybe kicker, he sure looks cute in his gear!!  

Oh, but he IS allowed to date cheerleaders

He opened his presents with mediocre gusto.  Don't I look thrilled?  Well, I was but for some reason the photographer was not shooting my good side...

Then, I put on a peep show
 See?  I am much happier now that my cleavage and bra are showing! 
As you can tell, Opal nor Stratty could care less about the football hold I've got him in or the darling pants he just recieved.

It's not officially a party without cake.

I was feeling pretty confident when I asked Hootie for my post party grade.  Keep in mind, she teaches Junior High...  She said, and I quote:
There were no balloons.
There were no candles on the cake.
I will give you a B+. (and then she cackled!!)
Hmmm.  Is that B+ for "Birthday Boy" or "B#@*&" ? 

We had a great time!! Thanks for sharing in the special celebration for the Bean!

Happy Birthday, little boy!