Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Whew! And, check mark!

I did it. Not sure why I did it... but I did!

The Rock-n-Roll Marathon & Half Marathon in San Antonio was Sunday. I ran the Half Marathon with roughly 29,000 of my closest friends. What an experience!

13.1 miles.
2 hours 33 minutes 21 seconds

It was so moving to see all the families and friends out in the chilly elements supporting thier own. A couple of times, I was moved to tears. Around mile 7 a guy surprised his sweety with a home-grown tshirt that said, Run Honey Run! She was so excited to see him that she ran onto the sidewalk and lept into his arms... Later I heard her say, "I didn't even think he knew I was running today!"

My beautiful, wonderful family and dear friends came out and braved the frigid air to cheer me on, too. I cannot truly put into words how much the clapping and waving and encouraging cheers meant to me at mile 8! And even more so at mile 13!! Just seeing thier smiling faces gave me an extra jolt of energy! Boy did I need it for that last .1, too!

Thanks for all the support and love!
Rock On!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mom, I got this!

Campbell started at her new school on Monday. I was totally stressed out over it... to the point that I even considered taking a week of half days at work just to ease her into it.
Until compared to her cousin Opal, Campbell is a pretty great kid! Okay even when compared to Opal she is great. Opal's easy going nature makes Miss Independence seem uncooperative at times. Oh yeah- she is very uncooperative at times.

Monday morning I thought I was going to throw up I was so nervous. I dressed her cute, but not super cute because I didn't want the other kids to be intimidated by her extreme cuteness. =) Of course, I am kidding... a little. Okay, not so much.

Anyway, with a major pink bow prominently placed on her precious head we made our way to Primrose School. I was pleased that she was not the first to arrive (that always intensifies my guilt). I introduced her to her new classmates: Sofia, Reagan (girl), Chen Chen (boy), Parker (boy), Thaylon (boy), CJ (boy), and Ainsley- with an "s" and not to be confused with Opal. Campbell took some time to take everyone in and then looked up at me like, "Mom, I've got this." So, I bent down, we kissed (complete with an audible smack from her), and she waved goodbye.

What???? No drama??? No screaming, "Mommy don't leave me!"?

What a big girl! I am so glad it going so well and so bummed that she is growing up so fast. I guess it was bound to happen!