Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Butter flavored lip gloss?

Let me start by saying that I am a margarine girl... as for Campbell- well, you be the judge.

Opal came for a visit last weekend and one of our many adventures landed us at Fresh Choice for lunch. Opal is a great eater! She will try anything. Veggies, pasta, meat, she even ate an enchilada!! Campbell is not such an adventurous eater or even taster. She knows what she likes and sticks to it. Luckily, some of her items of choice are green.

So as we were finishing up lunch, I was getting geared up to devour a gingerbread muffin- which, by the way, is the real reason I like to eat at Fresh Choice... Anyway, Campbell starts pointing at a tub of margarine. I handed it to her and she worked on opening it for a couple of minutes before she got frustrated. I gave in and pulled the foil top off and hand it back.
She sticks her tiny little finger in and then tastes it. Instantly, the tongue comes out and the margarine tub is discarded onto the floor among the rest of the disaster we've created.

Almost immediately she starts pointing at another tub on the table. Whatever. I am trying to eat my muffin here... so I give her another tub. This time, I get the foil started on the corner and hand it to her to work on.

(Mmmmm, my muffin was so delicious. Sprinkled with just the right amount of powdered sugar... Wait! Too much silence....)

I glance over and she is sticking her finger in the BUTTER (not margarine) tub and applying it to her lips like lip gloss- complete with a pucker and smack. Ah, there was an occasional lick of the lips but, then another application was required. Maybe she is on to something?!

What a kid!

Peace out from Cedar Park!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Paris,

Dear Paris-
The weather is beautiful!
Wish you were here!

Our dear friends, RueRice, are on quite an adventure in Paris (France, not Texas). And after almost a year of reading her blog she has reminded me over and over again not to take things for granted: the strong bonds of lifelong friendships; ability to move around in the community daily without a language barrier; Texas-Friendly attitude and way of life; Target; and most recently- sunshine and warm Texas weather.

Today, Campbell's school had their First Annual Spring Bonnet parade- held appropriately on the first day of Spring. So, this morning- a thousand miles away from each other, our girls both proudly donned lovely Spring attire and celebrated the beautiful weather and the Spring season!

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Campbell and classmates

Silly girl

Campbell and Miss Kelcy

Peace out from Cedar Park!
Campbell's Mom

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In the words of Snoop Dog...

I believe she decided to "Drop it like it's hot!"

Her Highness spent some quality time outside yesterday afternoon helping her Dad rake leaves. When she finally came inside to eat dinner, she immediately removed her shirt (by herownself, I might add) and then proceeded to remove her pants. I asked if she wanted to take her shoes and socks off...

To which she replied (with a very furrowed brow): No!

Supper without shoes??? How uncivilized of me to even suggest!

What a funny kiddo!

Peace out from Cedar Park!

Campbell's Mom

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just like magic

Now You See It...
Now You Don't
Woo hoo!! We are officially Passy-free!!! I was scared to brag about it before a solid month had passed. And, we hit the one month mark on Monday. The big test was last weekend at Grita's house. Miss Opal is still quite fond of the ole passy... I had threated to make that little angel kick the habit, too. I guess I'm too far away to do much bossing of that nature.

Anyway, Campbell said good-bye to the passy and hello to Major, Pull-your-hair-out, Drive-you-to-drinkin'-style, fit-throwing extraordinaire. I am telling you the honest truth, if gypsies had been meandering through my neighborhood at any given time during the last week (including the weekend at Grita's) I would have been waving them down... waving them down with cold, hard cash and begging them to take her off my hands!

I hate to say it, but she is kicking my ass. And I have heard that the terrible twos are nothing compared to the threes!!! What??? We don't even hit two for another month! Oh, please... add me to your prayer list. Add Campbell, too. She is going to need it if her little attitude doesn't improve soon.
Don't you just love the dual-fit throwing?

There are bouts of sanity and I am trying to focus on those moments. Grita and Hootie are trying to save her! Parcels arrive every now and then with a little something inside: the latest and biggest hit was the paint with water books. Remember how much fun those were as a kid? Well, the concept has held up.

1. They are not easy to locate. (Dollar General seems to be the Mecca- I have stumbled on them at Target in much smaller quantities and less variety. At the DG they are $1... not so cheap at Target. However, sanity really doesn't have a price limit in my book.)

If your child has been to Grita's house, she has learned that for painting Q-tips work MUCH better than let's say, I don't know... a paint brush. And they make a MUCH bigger and thus more fun mess for Mommy to clean up. Thanks, Grita!

We don't discriminate here in CP. We have covered the gammet:
Care Bears to Cars to TMNT to Barbar (?)... we've got it all!

It is a good thing she is cute.

Peace out from Cedar Park!
Campbell's Mom