Thursday, August 21, 2008

Take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning

Oh if it were only that simple when it comes to computers! Somehow we became infected with some spyware!! So, Alan has spent the last week or so quarantining files and updating our virus protection. I am sure I am secretly getting blamed for the virus but all I really do is read the blogs and shop every now and again. Anyway, finally, I have been granted permission to venture out once again to the world wide web. No one is probably reading blogs this month anyway with kids getting ready to head back to school. And then there is the Olympics... is blogging an Olympic sport yet? Everything else is.

I feel like there is so much to report that I don't even know where to begin, but here is a little sampling:

Opal came to visit.
Heather and I went to the spa to cash in our Mother's Day gift certificates. We had a great time and were very pampered and thus relaxed. That is, until the bill came. As Heather says, "this is not a secure line" therefore I cannot elaborate.

Dayce marched in her first High School band parade. She did GREAT! And, yes, I got a little misty eyed in spite of the 90 percent humidity and 150 degree South Texas heat. (Blonde girl on the trombone)

As for the Princess of Cedar Park, she is turning into quite the little girl. She has just about mastered walking. I still refer to it as the Monster Mash, because it is still a little Frankenstein-ish. That is: Precious Frankenstein with pigtails!

And she has started chattering. At this point we still don't understand much more than the basics: No, Mommy, Daddy, No, Music, Elvis, No, Help, Up, No, Side (outside), No, etc.
Oh, and she learned to say, "No." However, she has also learned to nod her head "Yes." Very over exaggerated and pretty stinking cute!

Peace Out from Cedar Park!
- Campbell's Mom


Colette said...

Finally something, had I not been so lucky as to see you this week I would have been very worried w/ this kind of lull coming from Campbell's house...glad to see you are back up & running, way to go Alan!

Grita said...

I hope Alan didnt infect my computer while in P-town stealing my internet using his secret password only he can use to get on.
As for the princess of CP......doesnt get much cuter than that....tell her Grita LOves her.

Ainzley's Mom said...

haha...I apologize profusely! I had no idea our acid wash, i mean facial would be so expensive. We should have taken off our expensive flip-flops and thrown them at them (I hear that is a great way to express your anger). Tell Campbell than Opal and Hooty said hi ;)

Haylie said...

I must say that I am a little upset for not being in this blog, with the other billy goats and jr.gruffs. Anyway I thought for a little bit I was going to have to kick you off my list since you hadn't updated in a WEEK! You were slipping up. Well I'll talk to you later.
-Aunty H-