Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mom, I got this!

Campbell started at her new school on Monday. I was totally stressed out over it... to the point that I even considered taking a week of half days at work just to ease her into it.
Until compared to her cousin Opal, Campbell is a pretty great kid! Okay even when compared to Opal she is great. Opal's easy going nature makes Miss Independence seem uncooperative at times. Oh yeah- she is very uncooperative at times.

Monday morning I thought I was going to throw up I was so nervous. I dressed her cute, but not super cute because I didn't want the other kids to be intimidated by her extreme cuteness. =) Of course, I am kidding... a little. Okay, not so much.

Anyway, with a major pink bow prominently placed on her precious head we made our way to Primrose School. I was pleased that she was not the first to arrive (that always intensifies my guilt). I introduced her to her new classmates: Sofia, Reagan (girl), Chen Chen (boy), Parker (boy), Thaylon (boy), CJ (boy), and Ainsley- with an "s" and not to be confused with Opal. Campbell took some time to take everyone in and then looked up at me like, "Mom, I've got this." So, I bent down, we kissed (complete with an audible smack from her), and she waved goodbye.

What???? No drama??? No screaming, "Mommy don't leave me!"?

What a big girl! I am so glad it going so well and so bummed that she is growing up so fast. I guess it was bound to happen!