Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Paris,

Dear Paris-
The weather is beautiful!
Wish you were here!

Our dear friends, RueRice, are on quite an adventure in Paris (France, not Texas). And after almost a year of reading her blog she has reminded me over and over again not to take things for granted: the strong bonds of lifelong friendships; ability to move around in the community daily without a language barrier; Texas-Friendly attitude and way of life; Target; and most recently- sunshine and warm Texas weather.

Today, Campbell's school had their First Annual Spring Bonnet parade- held appropriately on the first day of Spring. So, this morning- a thousand miles away from each other, our girls both proudly donned lovely Spring attire and celebrated the beautiful weather and the Spring season!

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Campbell and classmates

Silly girl

Campbell and Miss Kelcy

Peace out from Cedar Park!
Campbell's Mom


Haylie said...

How cute I'm loving the hat!!! I can wait to see her next weekend!!!
-Aunty H-

Peggy Rice said...

Hooray for Spring! Tell little miss cutie that we love her bonnet. I will show Jaylee this first thing in the morning!! We miss you!!!!!

Libra2381 said...

Cute Cute!!