Monday, August 3, 2009

Dinner sponsored by the #8

She is getting too smart.
I know you are bored with hearing what an inconsistant and finicky eater Campbell is- trust me, I am just as tired of the meal-time song and dance. Anytime she wants more of anything besides chocolate we all scurry to get said requested "seconds."

This weekend Grita came to town. Opal also came to town. Ptown visitors = overstimulation for both toddlers and not much eating for Campbell...
We ventured out into suburbia for some Mexican food- see for yourself how things went.

Yes, those are chicken strips at a Mexican food restraunt- barely touched I might add...
And, yes, Opal is backwards in the highchair approximately 6 inches from the table.
As Peggy so eloquently puts it: We had our asses handed to us on Saturday!
Later that evening, Her Majesty announced that she wanted chicken for dinner.
Me: Ok, how many pieces of chicken would you like?
Campbell: Ummmmmmmmmmmmm........ eight.
Me: Ok, how about two?
Campbell: No, eight.
So, I heated exactly 2 chicken nuggets....
four freaking times!!!
The kid ate EIGHT chicken nuggets for dinner!!!!
So, she is either:
A. Brilliant and can already multiply
B. She was starving
C. She was teaching me a lesson. Eight means eight, Mom.
Peace out from Campbell's House!
Campbell's Mom


Peggy Rice said...

There is no ass kicking like an ass kicking from your own child:) Also, I'm pretty sure she's brilliant.

Ainzley's Mom said...

Well at least she is IN the chair and not ON the table where she usually tries to get.