Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet smiles

Stratton will be four months old on Monday the 15th.  
I can't believe how much he has already changed!  
Check out his big blue eyes and the Lady Killer smile!

Headlock or hug?  Sometimes it is hard to tell...
What isn't hard to see is that they adore each other!  His face just lights up when he sees Campbell!
Ready to crawl?

The Diva wants a piece of the action, too.  BTW, check out her eye color

"Let's have a tea party," she says.....

Translation: I want to drag out ALL of my stuffed animals.
Slobbering all over her beloved "Stinky Ole Green Lovie!"

 The boy is getting a little worried...

What is this poor child in for the rest of his life?

A lot of tea parties, I am afraid!

Peace out from Campbell's House!


Grita said...

With the tea parties comes a whole lot of love too. And the fact she is sharing that stinky ole green lovie....thats some true love right there. They love each other almost as much as I love them.

Ainzley's Mom said...

Opal can't wait to have a tea party! And grita has LOTS of toys to unload...good for making messes!! That's Opal's specialty ;). Can't wait for the fun to begin on Wednesday...

Mel said...

OH MY GOSH, He has changed so much!! They are just gorgeous, and ohhh my gosh that is hilarious with alllll those loves in the picture with him!! We need to get together again soon!