Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad mothering or fiber-licious?

Once again, Hootie would like to point out that Stratton is getting the  SBS or "second born shaft"  (heavy on the BS, I am sure...)

Campbell got the Princess treatment back in the day.  Complete with the Grita-made high chair cover, handy stick to the table placemat, and the Clorox wipes pre-treatment of any surface her little hands, let alone MOUTH might come in contact with.  Not to mention that I was fully armed back then with every toddler snack and sippy cup known to man kind.  Poor Stratty. 

Refried beans, goldfish, and water out of the non-disinfected rim of my water glass at Serano's. He did not have tortilla dipped in bean juice... but I did briefly consider it.  I did have a baby spoon in the MAKE-UP bag in my purse.  To which the Diva inquired: 

Mommy, why you have a spoon in there with OUR lipstick?

Hmmm... good question.  Just call it Super-Mothering!

Happy 9 birth-month-iversary, Stratton!

Peace out and love,
Mother of the Year


kacdh said...

Obviously Stratty needs more fiber.

Grita said...

That is one cute wood chuck is all I have to say. Give him more to eat!