Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big dreams

6:30a.m. is wake-up time at Campbell's House.
This morning, like every other morning, I prepared the Diva's "wom" milk and a bottle for Stratton and headed downstairs to wake them.  Over the monitor, I could hear Stratton awake in his room- that is he was already hammering on his crib.

By the time I got to his door he was standing up in the crib and grinning ear to ear!  I snatched him out of bed and kissed him about 100 times. 

Then, I went into Campbell's room, turned on her lamp, and kissed her on the forehead to wake her.  She opened her eyes and said, " Mommy, I was finking about an icecream sandwich with a cookie on top and sprinkles and M eeee Ms. While I was asleep.  Is that still finking? Or is that dream finking?"

Atta girl!  You can't get much better than a dream with sprinkles!


Grita said...

I love the way she thinks....I have taught her well..:-)

Ainzley's Mom said...

Well two nights ainzley was sad because she didn't kiss her grita...last night she was singing her own bedtime song: "Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbell and so on". That is love!!!

Peggy Rice said...

Oh, Campbell is a girl after my own heart!