Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't you just love the hair?

Yes, I am going to cut it!  But there is no definite time frame for that blessed event.

This is the best age- the kids', that is... not mine. 

Just today, Haylie said to me regarding one of her besties and me getting ditched by her and Dayce on my birthday weekend for a better offer, "Well you only turn 18 once."  To which I replied that I will be celebrating my 2nd 18th birthday this very weekend.  Dammit.  And, if you don't mind. 

36 is not near as glamorous as say 26 or even 31.  In fact, I think I may start saying I am 45 so people will tell me how good I look for my age.

Back to the kids and their great ages.  The Bean will be ONE next month!! Where did the time go? And where did all this hair come from all of a sudden? As you can see we are trying the same break 'em in early strategy.

We go here a lot...

And eat a lot of this.

It worked with Campbell (10 weeks old!! And sitting in the same chair. I think the only difference is that today my hair is a little shorter and hers is a little longer. Oh, and there is a lot more drinking on my part because they are kicking my 36, er ALMOST 36, year old ass!)

It remains to be seen if it will work with the Bean. Odds are not in my favor- he is a boy after all.

I am starting to crave a margarita, no?

Peace out from Leander- it's Wine Monday, here.


Peggy Rice said...

The birthday is coming...what does man of the house have planned for this special event?

Colette said...

Loved catching up the other day...we need to do it more often, only next time with the tex-mex & margs!