Thursday, March 3, 2011


Last night as I tucked Campbell into bed, I kissed her and said, "Have sweet dreams, baby."

"Mommy, if you want, tonight you can dream about me getting married."

"I can?" I asked.

"Oh sure...but not with that fing on my head.  You know I don't like that fing.  It looks itchy.  And Baby Brudder will be up there with me, too."

"He will?  This sounds exciting!  I would love to think about you getting married."

"Mommy, I said dream- not fink!"

"Ohhhh.  Ok, I'll just dream about it, then.  Who do you think you might be marrying?  Got any ideas?  Maybe Thaelon (boy from school) or Braden (another boy who has had a longstanding crush on the Diva)??

"Mommmmmy.  I already told you.  Stratty is going to be up there with me.  That means I am going to marry him."

"Hmmm.  Well you will be a lovely bride!"

"Mommy, don't call me that."




"E-cuz, I don't like that wuhrd.  It sounds like a tacky pants."

"Ok. Good night, Your Majesty!"  And with that she closed her eyes and snuggled up with her stinky old green lovey.  I swear I am going to wrap that thing around her bouquet when she does walk down the aisle.

This picture was taken before she could verbalize her distaste for the veil

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Mel said...

I FINK she is absolutely hysterical! AND I just wanna wrap her up with those chunky cherry cheeks in that sweet little diva baby picture!