Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do these skates make me look 4?

As we are winding up April, we are also winding up a month-long celebration of Campbell's 4th birthday! 
We partied at Grita's (...With an non-birthday cake, as her father did not come along and did not want to be left out of any birthday celebrations.  It took some quick thinking and outstanding penmanship, but the crisis was averted!)

She and all her school peeps got their princess on at Reagan's party. 
Then, we hosted our own Princess party where all her best peeps were transformed into beautiful princesses, yet again.  This time, her princess of choice was...
Yes, Belle!  CampBELLE. And she was the bell of the ball. 

In all honesty, Grita asked her which princess party was more fun, hers or Reagan's? Well, Diva does not care for being the center of attention... guess whose party got top ranking? Um hmm. Oh well.  I think she is sweet divalicious perfection and as you can see she looked the part.

(And side bar, I haven't got my party grade from Hooty, yet. She must be waiting on the thank you note before she issues a grade.  If I don't get on the ball, I might get and Incomplete.)

Our final stop on the birthday tour this year was the Easter picnic. She and Opal had a ball- Campbell being a country mouse for a day and Opal showing her the expert techniques of how to be a country mouse.  One thing is for sure, these two mice love each other.

Happy Birthday, Campbell! I love you!