Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No eating allowed in the new car

So here is the daily drill:
I arrive at school to pick her highness up shortly after snack time. And when I say shortly, I mean there is usually still evidence of said snack on all the darling faces around the table (especially Campbell's). I chat it up with Miss Irene for a couple of minutes, we blow kisses to all her classmates and we head out the door. Before we can even make it to the car she is asking for something to eat. She is signing and saying "more" like she hasn't been fed since we dropped her off that morning.

Ok, Campbell is kid #1.... so it took me about three car rides home with her crying and "starving" before I came prepared with a snack for the drive home every day.

The snack is usually Gold fish crackers. Before you even ask
Yes, I bring her a drink, too.
And, yes it is cold.
And... no, we do not go through Sonic for a Big Tea... not yet anyway. She's not allowed to drink caffeine.

Anyway, today we treated Stepping Stones teachers to our famous chocolate chip cookies. I also took some to work with me. Before I left the office I saw one lone cookie left in the bowl. I thought "It must be Campbell's lucky day."

I arrive at Stepping Stones, pick up my little Snapping Turtle, admire the really cool art they all made, step over more than a couple of animal crackers that were deposited on the floor by my daughter- no doubt, head for the door and the signing begins. "More, more, more." Then she adds the sign for food. "More food, more food, more food, more food..."
I buckle her in her car seat, hand her a sippy cup of cold water, and present the cookie. Her eyes lit up! I felt like Super Mom!

I knew she was savoring every bite because there was silence in the back seat. In the back seat of the.... oh did I forget to mention new Tahoe? New Tahoe with tan interior!!!
Well, by the time I got to the first stop sign which is approximately 100 yards from the parking lot of the school. This is what I turned around and saw....

Car washes are not cheap... but who cares!

Campbell's Mom


Haylie33 said...

YAY first comment!! Very Very Very x infinity cute!!! I'm sure that's Grita's doing of the chocolate. Oh and June is around the corner!! We need to make plans for me to go up there! I guess you forgot to read my blog. =[ It's ok though. Any who.... I love you both lots!!!!
-Aunty H-

Haylie33 said...

If you don't mind I will fly solo.
1. It's easier
2. If her peeps go there will be to many Campbell hogs.
3. I want to hog Campbell.
4. If peeps come I'll have to sleep on a sucky bed.
-Aunty H-

Peggy Rice said...

I'm so excited...a blog buddy...a new term...like it? I love the blog!!! Give Campbell a kiss for me and I will mark you as a favorite. I will be checking you guys out in the morning with Jaylee chirping..."get off the blogs!"