Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm with the band.

We've known that Campbell is a music lover for quite some time, now. I am not sure if it is because we went to listen lots of live music while I was pregnant or if she was just blessed with the gift of groove. Either way, she has definite opinions about what music she likes. For instance, if Alan puts on Depeche Mode or The Cure her little head starts to bob. She really is partial to anything with a distinct bass line. So, if any hip hop is within ear shot she can be spotted doing her bobbing "thang." Every now and then a Top 40 country crossover song will peak her interest- but definitely not any old school country- I guess Merl and Hank be damned.

I told you that to tell you this. We went to a graduation party on Friday night. The graduate is also a music lover so her grandmother had a local singer-song writer-guitarist named Billy Harvey, performing as the entertainment. We thought he was fantastic- Alan and I, that is. Campbell thought he was there especially for her personal enjoyment. She thought he and his music were the bomb. Seriously, she was humming and dancing (knees bending intermittently with the occasional head bob for flare) the entire first set (which, ps, was two hours past her normal bedtime). If there had been a stage, my daughter would have been trying to get on it or behind it to get closer to Billy. This cannot be a good sign...

He performed "When You Grow Up" for Lauren, the graduate, on Friday night. The whole place was howling! You will be, too. Great song. Check it out!

Peace out from Cedar Park-
Campbell's Mom


Peggy Rice said...

I love the song! Very Texas country. How often does Alan play his 80's music? He might be showing his age with that one!@# We love Alan of Austin too.

Haylie33 said...

Only 4 more days ill bring my attatchment. I cant wait to party in Austin and dance our booties off.!!
-Aunty H-