Monday, October 20, 2008

Woooo hoooo!

Campbell Solana has agreed to teetee in the potty!!! Wooo hooo!

I decided to offer Big Girl panties to Her Majesty yesterday morning. She has refused them on many occasions... yesterday, however, she decided that she and Mr Moreno (her bear) would both be wearing a pair. Sometimes Mr Moreno wears a hat, sometimes a tshirt, sometimes one sock (never two). He normally is only allowed to wear the chosen item for a couple of minutes. Yesterday, they both put on their Big Girl panties like it was an every day affair.

I set the timer on the microwave for one hour.

When the timer sounded we headed to the bathroom- big fight. No teetee.

I set the time for another hour.

When the timer sounded we headed back to the bathroom. No fight this time, but also no teetee.


Third try: A few minutes on the potty. Up she comes. No teetee. She heads for the door, pauses, and.... yep. Teetees on the floor. I scoop her up and put her on the potty, but of course, she is all done.

Diaper. Nap. Diaper change into panties. Now we take Mr Moreno into the bathroom and sit him on the potty. He wouldn't teetee, either.

We went on about decorating the house for Halloween. About an hour later she darts off down the hall into her room and comes back dragging Mr Moreno saying, "TTTTTTT!"

Ok, we take Mr Moreno and put him on the potty.
And then, lo and behold she wants to sit on the potty herself. She sits- nothing. Up she comes. Then back down..... TEE TEE in the potty!!!!
The royal throne played a royal tune and I almost shed a royal tear. Alan even happened to be peaking around the corner to witness the royal event. What proud parents!

What a great way to start the week! Hope your week is full of fun surprises, too!

Peace out from Cedar Park!

Love, Campbell's Mom


Sherry said...

Ha! That is hilarious...your baby girl is growing up! Congratulations!

Milo & Joey Good said...

that is too cute!

it's good that she's wearing (at least from what i can see) a shirt. junior has to be totally nekkid to pee. and he sits on the toilet backwards.

man, girls are so much easier!