Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just for the record...

Campbell does know how to share.
Ahhh, but on her own terms you say...
Well... perhaps, I say. But that still counts as sharing does it not? She might, possibly, on occasions get the no sharing syndrome from her mother's gene pool.... but as you can see here- she truly loves her Opal. We all do!

As for the To Do List, here is where I stand as of today:

Be a good mother- we went to the park, we've made cookies, and we are still spanking free
Work harder at friendships- located some old friends on Facebook and sent them messages; had a fabby time hanging out with my dear friend Colette for her birthday.
Keep my cool- failed miserably on the walk with Elvis. What a spazz!!!
Stop (ok- cut down on) using curse words- Total freaking failure
Work out more (actually breaking a sweat)- Did not break a sweat, but went for a 45 minute walk with Campbell and Elvis. Fully intended to run, but Sir Spazzola was more than I could take today while pushing the jog stroller!
Be more thankful- Very thankful for the smiles and hugs from Campbell this week! Great mood and attitude!!

Learn- Dug out the owners manual for the Tahoe to figure out the darned interior lights. Sweet success!
Take Elvis for more walks- Check.

Try new foods- i can't say that I have tried anything new, but I am considering giving brussel sprouts a try.
Read, read, read- Does the Tahoe manual count? How about Facebook posts? =) Actually I am finishing up World Without End.
Stop complaining - yeah right
Figure out Facebook- Still getting there.
Come to terms with the terrible twos!!! Is this possible????????????- Today she was an angel and in a terrific mood!

Seems like I still have a ways to go. But I am making progress.
Peace out from Cedar Park,
Campbell's Mom

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