Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweet dreams, my little cod fish

This kid is too much!
Campbell's usual bedtime companions are the Hippo and Loretta (and their blankies). Tonight, she needed "special" friends in order to get to sleep: the Hippo, Loretta, their blankies (one a piece), Mr. Moreno (bear), Beasley (tiger), Cricket (baby doll), her lovie (green furry blanket), Jenny (lovie with a giraffe head), an actual blanket for warmth, a pillow, and not one but two passies! Oh, and note the crossed legs- in her sleep! I am telling you- she is toooo much! There was barely room for all of them in the bed. When I sneaked in later this evening to remove some of her bed partners, I swear, she grunted and did a half asleep inventory to make sure everyone was still there.

I guess a girl is pooped-out after a weekend at Grita's.

Here are a few other cute pics from the weekend.
Made for pigtails!

Opal says, Wazzz up????

Sandy & Alan

Peace Out from Cedar Park!
-Campbell's Mom


Ainzley's Mom said...

Too much indeed!! She's the best lookin' doll in the crib.

libra2381 said...

Love how you have added all the names of her friends in the picture! Too Cute!