Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cupcakes and Alice for breakfast

My mothering skills are either completely tanking or Campbell's toddler skills are much more acutely refined...
This morning she requested and was thus given a cupcake for breakfast. Don't think for a moment that it was some nutri-grain, multi-grain, cheerio derived "cupcake" either. Oh no- this was the real thing. Fully accompanied by chocolate buttercream frosting and sprinkles.
"Oh but you probably sat together at the table and had your cupcake breakfast as a family," you say.

If by table you mean coffee table.... And, if by as a family, you mean including Walt Disney, Alice and all the darling creatures in her Wonderland... then yes.

Peace out from Campbell's House!


Ainzley's Mom said...

My powders doughnuts aren't lookin so bad. Opal says hi and save some for her ;). And I do NOT have your passies, Poopsie threw them away!!!

Grita said...

I dont see anything wrong with cmpcakes for breakfast...besides I am quite sure she asked very politely for her cupcake and even curtsied while she asked. YOu know I always say let her have what she wants.....:-) I love cupcakes!!! But I love her more!!

Haylie said...

Sounds a little like Grita's house. But could you d me a huge Favor and send me a picture of you and Opal maybe. I need an art project and you 2 are my NEXT BIG ONE(S). But I need pictures of the two of you. So please send me some! I Love You
-Aunty H-

Peggy Rice said...

Welcome to my kind of mothering. Next thing you know you will be eating past 7:00!!!!

Haylie said...

Hey can you e-mail the pictures to Ms.Kutzor her email is Thanks.