Friday, July 24, 2009

She's quick!

She is OFFICIALLY potty-trained, folks!

Big, phat shout-out to Miss Young for all the encouragement and diligence in helping to get us there!

I guess it is true about waiting until they are ready because we went from pull-ups one day to Cinderella panties the next. And, with very little drama and not too many accidents either. I may have mentioned it before, but we think Campbell totally rocks!


To keep me from getting too big for my ever growing britches, yesterday she decided to remind me just exactly who is running things. (Insert major sigh and extended eye-roll)

We are still shopping for the perfect dining room table and chairs. We have seen everything on the www and everything in Austin, Texas that there is to be seen. Including repeated viewings of the same table we spotted on our first trip out shopping... Yet, we still needed one more visit to the aforementioned first table before we could pull the trigger. So off we went- two year old and an accessory teenager in tow (DeeDee came for a visit).

Things were going well enough, and then all of a sudden she flipped! DeeDee keeps referring to the outburst as "Zero to Complete Melt-Down in less than 3 seconds!"
That is fast, even by Opal Standards!!!

After approximately 4 seconds of negotiating with her, the kicking and screaming commenced- on her part, not mine- so I marched her out of the very lovely furniture store. I glanced back over my shoulder and saw DeeDee and Alan standing agog...
Meanwhile, Campbell was screaming / bawling, "My want to shop!!!!" as I forced her to walk out on her own accord. It really was a lovely sight. There were some compassionate mothers shopping and most offered their best "I've been there" sympathy smile.

Regardless, Her Majesty was marched out of the store and put in TIMEOUT right outside the front door for all the world to see. Complete with giant crocodile tears, precious pigtails, and brand new Longhorn Crocs.

She's a doozie!!

Four minutes of time-out sitting on the disgusting sidewalk in the Texas heat is enough to make anyone rethink their behavior. Even a two year old!

At last, she pulled herself together and announced, "My ready to be nice and shop some more!"
Atta girl!

See Hootie:
No spanking required. Warranted? Certainly!
Have I created a monster? Perhaps. Good thing she is cute.

Peace out from Campbell's House,
Campbell's Mom