Wednesday, September 2, 2009

At least it wasn't cigarettes or beer

or Big Red
or cupcakes for breakfast...

But it was her very own cup of iced tea... at 7:00 a.m.... "just like Mommy- with a straw and ice"

In my defense, I did water it down a little. And, I take my tea straight up, on the rocks. No sugar for me so no sugar for her.

I know I have issues. Need proof?
As I was pouring the tea into her pink cup over the requested ice cubes I was saying (aloud- to no one), "This way ,there is no cross contamination. We each have our own." And then, as I let her choose a straw out of the straw container (she chose purple, btw... same color as my straw) I thought, "There are worse things than tea in a sippy cup..." and the mental list making began.

Perhaps, I should fore go the college and wedding funds and start saving for all the therapy she is going to need.

Peace out from Campbell's House!


Branalyn said...

There's a mother at the WEE that, until we finally convinced her it was a little much, sent SIX CUPS OF SWEET ICED TEA every single day.

One, unsweet tea is not so bad.

Grita said...

What "Diva" wants "Diva" gets. :-)
I see nothing wrong with her own iced tea anyway. But what will she demand next?

Colette said...

Not so bad, I like the way little miss diva starts small and like your mom says...what will be next. This little lesson will help later in life with the male gender :)