Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello, again

Isn't it peculiar how life changes speeds? Strange. At times it seems to be dragging on at a snails pace and at other times it seems as though we are living in fast forward. From October 15th until now seems to have been a little of both for me. What's more is like it were happening in slow motion and fast forward simultaneously.I had such big plans for my time off. I was going to get our house completely organized, paint some rooms, do some serious blogging (reading and composing), start Stratton's baby scrapbook, and get Campbell's scrapbook up to date. And, of course... get back into pre-preggo shape. The only thing I accomplished off that list was NOTHING!

But life works better for me when there is a routine in place. So, we are back on track.
Week #1 back at work is under my belt and I survived. I have made a to-do list about a mile long and I am experimenting with a to-don't list... I'll let you know how that one works out!
Sorry for the lack of updates but closing out 2009 was pretty tough. Thank goodness for the sunshine and for the love of friends and family.

Peace out from Campbell's House!


Deedee and Stratton Hookin' 'Em

Hair hair hair!

What a profile!!

First day of school for Stratton!


Peggy Rice said...

How happy am I that you are BACK!!! Woman, you make some cute kids. Love them, just love them.

Colette said...

So glad you are back!! Kids have grown and I have missed the updates!