Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Already time for another

My birthday came and went.  One of my stresses, i mean treats was taking Stratton for his first haircut.
Translation:  I was tired of all the crap I was taking from everyone.  I thought his hair looked perfectly masculine.

His Dad and PawPaw did not agree.  And, the truth is I knew if I did not participate I would end up missing the event all together.

So we made another trip to good ole Fantastic Sam's in Pleasanton.  I am pleased to report that this experience was MUCH more enjoyable.  Remember this little incident?? Well... not The Bean.
He almost slept through the whole thing.

And since I have been slacking on the blog, Stratton is already due for another haircut! I am betting they all are!

Peace & Love from Leander!


Peggy Rice said...

He may be the cutest little boy I have ever seen!

Campbell's House said...

Peggy: At least the cutest boy in Texas... ok, the US.
Love and miss ya!