Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I don't want to kiss him

You all remember what a HUGE fan of Santa Campbell is, right?  Well if you need a reminder look at this.
Hilarious and mean, I know.  But Hootie says, "rude things are often funny."  This is one of those times, if you ask me.

This year we had tons of reminders that Santa was coming to school for pictures and some non-mall knee time with the Big Guy.  I was really doing my best to sell it to Campbell.  We made a list. We talked about what she would say to him, what he looks like, the beard, etc., etc., and etc.. [Side bar: don't the double periods at the end of that sentence just kill you?  Good.  Me, too.]

Santa day came and I dressed her pretty cute, but not over the top because I know the Diva, and I knew odds were WAY LOW that she would even make eye contact with The Man in Red, much less pose for a photo op.

Well, class, call it mother's intuition or raising the diva of all divas...  But, this is how it went down.

Me:  Miss Priss, how did it go with Santa today?
C: It didn't
Me: Why not?
C: Mommy, you know do I don't like THAT guy.
Me:  Campbell, it is not some "guy" it is SANTA.  He is in charge of alllll the presents at Christmas.
C: Not ALL the presents... I bet Grita buys me a present.  I'll tell Grita I want a princess puzzle. 
And, I don't like candy canes, anyway.

Campbell shares the love of non-stop Christmas carols with her Grita.  So, this morning on the way to school she requested Christmas music. I had my mind on what was ahead for the day not really listening to the music when she says to me:
Mommy, I don't want to kiss him.
Me: Kiss who?
C: You can kiss him if you want to, but not me.

On the radio: Jackson Five's version of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus."
This kid is too much!


Mel said...

She is love.. I love her. I bet you loooove my blogs.. I am a lazy double perioding fool. Infact, those two above, yup didn't even realize I did it lol!!!

Grita said...

She is indeed correct...Grita will be buying her not one but 2 or 3 princess puzzles, and NO candy canes. Give her and Stratty both some love from me.

Peggy Rice said...

You are in trouble, she is too cute and so very clever!

kacdh said...

She has a mind of her own. Life will be fun..and sometimes not...but always interesting.