Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's late and I've had wine

First let me just say that I do not understand homework for babies!  What is that?? Whatever.  I can craft when I have to- but I really prefer when Grita and Hootie are left to the actual "doing" and I can just stand by and supervise... er, boss them.
Anyway, it is Thanksgiving. Blah blah blah.  We are putting pennies in the penny pail at school for needy families.  We are donating cans of food to the grocery carts for needy families.  And now, turns out... we are doing homework so that we can transform our children into Pilgrims.

Diva asks:  Mommy what is a pilgrim?
Diva:  MOMMY! I said, what is a pilgrim.
Me:  I know.  I was thinking.
Diva:  Well, what do you fink?
Me: I fink i need a drink.  (No, i did not really say that!  She would totally rat me out at school if I said that.) They were the first people to come to America.
Diva: Did they say the Pledge of Allegiance?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? SHE IS 3 and a HALF!!!!!

Me: No, I don't think the pledge was around back then.
Diva: Why are we making a hat out of paper?
Me:  Good question.  And it is a bonnet, if you please.

Please note the Princess stickers in picture #2. I feel certain that if the pilgrim women would have had access to princess stickers they would have adorned their bonnets with such.   And, as I said before, I've had wine.  I am sure that these pictures will come back to haunt me!

At least Campbell participated in her homework.  The Bean had long since been in bed when I took on this little project.  The instructions said to make his pilgrim hat out of paper, too.  As IF!!  He would have torn that thing to shreds in less that 30 seconds.  We went with a solo cup and some spray paint.  Like I said, I can craft when necessary!

Peggy, I can hear you laughing!  Happy Birthday, Love!

Peace out from the Pilgrims of Leander!


kacdh said...

So funny....I mean you in those hats. You are very creative. Oh, and when Megan was in Kindergarten she told her teacher that I taught Peter's mom (K2) how to drink margaritas. Thats me always willing to share knowledge. Love the blogs, keep it up

Peggy Rice said...

Freaking hilarious and yes, it is about to come back and haunt you...I have given fair warning. However, this is totally one of the reasons I love you! Spray paint to the project took it to a "whole n other". You know Mary Van would have just said, "here's a coffee can go make it happen." You rock!

Colette said...

This is & all, I love when you give me the visual to go along with it! Just wait until you are instructed to make the "native american" costumes, the boys have corrected me over a dozen times in Nov. for calling them indians :)