Thursday, January 6, 2011

Small town neighbors

It is safe to say that I am not the most neighborly neighbor. 

When I get home I typically close the garage door behind me before I even get out of the car.  I am sure I read an article at some point that said that was the thing to do to avoid being "gotten" by the Boogy Man. 

Yesterday when I got home I saw that Alan had pulled the trashcan down the driveway but left it outside the garage.  As not to get a nasty-gram from the HOA, I pulled into the garage, left the garage door open and rolled the trashcan into the garage.   I closed the garage door as I walked into the house.  Or I pushed the button to close the door.

Hours later (after dark) the doorbell rang.  It was our neighbors from about two houses down on the corner.  They had puzzled looks on their faces.  "Is everything alright?" they inquired.
"Yes. Why do you ask?"
"Your garage light is flashing and we were worried that it was a distress signal. We know you have two small children.  We just couldn't not come and check."

How about that for being neighborly? If I wasn't dead inside I am sure I would have cried for their thoughtfulness.  Instead, Alan told them that I am a spazz and something was probably blocking the sensor on the door.  I think I will bake them something yummy to say thank you.

PS- Turns out the trashcan was blocking the sensor so the door did not close and therefore the light was flashing like a disco rave.

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Ainzley's Mom said...

Are you going to bake them the same thing you baked the fire department? You know, for when Alan fumigated and didn't turn the alarm off and the fire truck showed up at your house - siren blaring and axes drawn? What did you bake them again? :) hilarious!!!!!