Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Cookie Monster

Labor Day was pretty mellow at Campbell's House. We got up early and as I was putting her toast (ok, Poptart... ugh) in the toaster she saw the mixer and started saying, "Taste, taste, taste!"
What a great idea! We scarfed down our very nutritious carb, sugar, and fat (no trans fat) loaded breakfast and made some good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies.

Maybe I haven't made them in a while, or maybe it was just more fun making them with my new little assistant. Fun stuff! Thanks for a fun Labor Day, Campbell! I love you!

PS- I know sitting on the counter top isn't the safest place... but it really is the best seat in the kitchen!


Grita said...

It just does not get any better than that. Cookie dough and a cutie pie to share it with you. I love you both.

Haylie said...

Awe what an adorable baby!!!! I can't wait to read about Campbell's potty experience!!!!!
Love ya
-Aunty H-

p.s We like to potty... and eat cookie dough!!!

Milo & Joey Good said...

mmm... i think i ate, at least, a dozen cookies.

a. pure hunger
b. pure exhaustion
c. pure yummy goodness