Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Campbell's House proper

Like most pregnant women, I tortured my husband with my obsession over the perfect name for our baby. In addition to torturing him with the constant bombardment of "What do you think about this name?" game, I also tortured the rest of my family by keeping all the contenders a secret.

So a few months after she was born we were down in Pleasanton and my dad says, "You know, if you take this precious baby girl and Heather's dog and put them together you get a great, big, black, kick ass football player!.... Did y'all plan that?"

Ever heard of Earl Campbell??

Did I mention that Heather's weinie dog is named Earlene? Oh yes, a la Earl Campbell and his famouse sausage! She even wears a sparkly UT collar- too cute!



So we took Grita to Campbell's House (proper) this weekend. She had never been to a UT football game. We had a great time! A big Shout Out and Thank You to Mr. Faulkner for his continued generosity for game day tickets, too!

Campbell did not join us, neither did Earlene. However we did stop by Earl's statue... maybe some day soon will take the two namesakes down to the stadium for a photo op.

Hook 'Em Horns!


Haylie said...

Well that sounds like fun! I know cameras are cheep but I don't have any mucho denaro. =[ Maybe my cool sister will buy me one! =]

Ainzley's Mom said...

You call her a dirty dog, but yet she makes it on your blog! haha You are sooo clever...cute pictures - hook 'em horns!

Peggy Rice said...

Hey Campbell's mom,
Blog already!!! Do you like that use of the English language?