Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sticks and Stones

Let me start by saying that it was raining in Austin, Texas this morning. While that doesn't mean much more than water falling from the sky to the rest of the human race, in Austin it ALWAYS equals a MAJOR traffic catastrophe. And not because of accidents... nope. Perhaps it is the tree-huggers in on-going awe of the phenom or maybe it is too many nervous nellies out on the streets. Whatever the case may be, any amount of precipitation grinds traffic to nearly a halt every time. So, a typical 30 minute commute to the pediatrician's office took a grueling 105 minutes today. You can imagine the attitude I was getting from the backseat...

We finally arrived along with all the other tardy mothers. As soon as I got settled into my seat in the "Well Children's area" of the waiting room I noticed that her Highness was in distress. That is to say, working on a "project." That is just great. Just then, they call our name.
Decision time: Head for the lobby restroom and let another family in front of us while I change a diaper? Not today. I opted for acting oblivious to the stench permeating from the precious little girl perched upon my hip.

As soon as we enter the exam room the nurse catches a whiff and says, "I'll give you girls some privacy." I chuckle. Campbell concentrates on the task at hand...

Finally Dr. Dan joins us. He goes through his battery of questions and he finishes up with:

Dr Dan: How many words does she say?
Me: Umm, quite a few.
Dr Dan: 10?
Me: Oh yes.
Dr Dan: 15-20?
Me: Yeah, (it is Texas, you can answer with yeah) Probably somewhere in that range.
Dr Dan: Silence (he writes something in her chart)

~Then his office manager appears and says he has an urgent phone call. He excuses himself while I sit and ponder how many words she really does say. 20 was a total guess. I decide to quiz her and count.~

Mommy, Daddy, PaPa, Grita, Dio, Nana, Deedee, Haylie, Beck, grass, water, trees, birds, more, milk, bear, cookie, Elvis, Miko, cat, lion, bear, NeeNee, elbow, knee, head, toes, diaper, her friends' names at school (Brooke, Kendal, Zachary, Reece, Morgan, Victoria, Miss Irene), books, car, trucks, bath, duck, quack...

~Dr Dan returns~

Me: I was counting, and I think she knows well over 40 words
Dr Dan: Ok
Me: Do you need to write that down?
Dr Dan: (Smiling and shaking his head) On average and for her age she should be saying 5-10 words. So, she is well above average.
Me: (Silence- smiling)
Dr Dan: Do you want me to write that down?
Me: (Laughing) I think it is note worthy, don't you?

He is a really neat doctor. We are so glad we found him!

PS- We both cried during and after her shots. And, I think she has just about perfected her dirty look, too. Just ask Nurse Kim...


Peggy Rice said...

Show off!!! We have a total of 5 and I'm counting French words.

Milo & Joey Good said...

hell, she's genuis-level by now!

Grita said...

I do not know why you needed a dr to tell you how advanced she is ...I tell you all the time.......and she's cute too...dirty looks and all.

Haylie said...

Cute, smart, and can tinkle in the potty! She's the whole package!!!