Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bzzzz and Baaaah

I love Halloween! I always have. I was lucky enough to marry a man who isn't afraid to dress up for Halloween. More importantly, he is willing to go for the big laugh. Oh how I hope Campbell loves Halloween like I do.
Last year, for her first embarrassing costume, she was an adorable zebra. Complete with a giant bow- just to be sure everyone knew she was a SHE zebra. This year, her highness, refuses to wear any sort of head gear. Headband? No. Hat? Absolutely not. What is a Halloween-Loving-Mother to do? Well, I'll tell you. When she is accustomed to wearing bows everyday, you disassemble the headband and glue antennas to clippies. Whah la.

Heather and I took them to Picture People this weekend for a little "prima" picture. Easier said than done. I was sweating like a pig after about 5 minutes of chasing, begging, pleading, and threatening Campbell to stand or sit close to Ainzely. Whew. Somehow we go a couple of cute pics. Needless to say, I had a margarita at lunch. A well deserved margarita, I might add. Opal (Ainzley) makes the cutest goat I have ever seen. She was a much better sport about wearing the hot felt costume and beard than my little bumble bee was about wearing the itchy dress.

In the spirit of things I thought I'd also give you a taste of Hallweens past... this year's costume is still under wraps, of course. Check out some of our best work.

Trolls on top of pencils & a Mummy, of course

Oompa Loompas

Willy Wonka (Old School Gene Wilder Style... don't you just love the curls?)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (with Flat Stanley)

Pink Panther and InspectHer Clouseau

Until next time,
Bzzzz and Bahhhh from Cedar Park!
Campbell's Mom


Grita said...

I saw no Mr and Mrs Potato Head...nor did I see Popeye and Olive Oil...But I do not think you old folks can compete with the cutest bumble bee and goat I ever saw...and the best part...I did not have to sew their costumes.

Peggy Rice said...

If grita made any of those past costumes she needs to go into business!!! I love Halloween and I love you guys for all the spirit!!! Working on Aidan's party...not so easy in France.

Milo & Joey Good said...

oh my, the mustache on the man is amazing.

my best costume was an old prom dress, lots of rolled shirts under pantihose (to look about 7 mos preggers), an updo, and a sash stating "Miss Teen." oh, and i had a bottle of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

those that hadn't seen me in years were totally appalled. i LOVED it.

(though the postman costume with random flour and a mailbag with anthrax went pretty well, too.)