Thursday, June 4, 2009

Peace Out Cedar Park

We are officially homeless. Backing to renting... even if it is just for ONE day. And, I am just about to get the plug pulled from the computer, literally.

Alan and I are scurrying around like crazy people in preparation for the move-out and immediate move-in, tomorrow. As I type, he is busily disconnecting cables and wires galore. Coiling each one up individually, securing each coil with tape, and labeling it accordingly... I couldn't be prouder! I also don't have a clue how he is going to get it all back together, but that is another story!

As if a double move isn't going to be tough enough to pull off in a single day, we also have a sonogram scheduled for tomorrow. I told you, we ARE crazy! So, if all the stars align correctly tomorrow, we will say farewell to Cedar Park, hello to Leander, get a peak at The Bean's plumbing, and then start the stressful task of thinking of the perfect name. Wish us luck!!

This house has been full of love from day one. And, we are ready to fill the next house up with just as much!

So, for the last time...
Peace out from Campbell's House in Cedar Park!

Campbell's Mom


Colette said...

Ok, I think I may have shed a tear reading I'll blame it on the time of month :) Now I am patiently waiting to hear the news on boy parts or girl parts!!

Mel said...

OK I almost shed a tear too.... I will blame it on being knocked up lol! It seems like y'all are moving far far away lol! LEANDER ROCKS LOL! GOOOO LIONS! LOL!