Friday, May 29, 2009

Aunt Hooty is a Hack

Well I am sure you can tell straight away that this is not Renee typing...she is too busy packing for the big move. And if any of you have called me lately and got my voice mail, you know that Renee has my password...well guess what...her code is not that hard to crack HAHAHAHA

So let's see...where to begin....Last weekend Renee & Alan had a pool party to attend. Worked out GREAT for us! We got Campbell for the whole weekend. We had a blast! She is so fun! And quite the comic. It is so obvious that her and Opal love each other soooo much. They just look at each other and smile. And Campbell is so cute, trying to get Opal to do what she wants. She will tell her "Come on Opes". Cracks me up!

So here are some pictures of our fun weekend:

Straight to the sandbox. Yep that is blue sand - Campbell didn't want to get her skirt dirty so it came off immediately. That's how we roll at Grita's house!

She also go to help Papa and Uncle Deuce do some cattle working:

She got in the trailer, pet the cow on the nose then got out. She kept a close eye on Papa to make sure he knew what he was doing though...

I also have a very loving, very annoying, VERY friendly cat at my house. Melvin rescued him out of the tree and he has been there ever since. His name is Bevo...

I'm telling you this cat is strange. Campbell decided he needed some sprinkles??? (Gravel rocks) After all, everything is better with sprinkles, right Renee?

While at Grita's, Campbell and Opal also did a little cooking:

I'm thinking they could be in the next calendar Naked Chefs 2009...What do you think?

I am telling you we had sooo much fun playing with Campbell and letting her do things that her mother would never let her do.

We took her to Wal-Mart. She was walking (okay it was more like gallivanting) through the aisles. She decided she wanted some cheese. We let her pick her own cheese - she chose the two colored string cheese variety. She walked around Wal-Mart eating her cheese. All except the last see she had to hold it by the wrapper and eat only the part that was exposed. And that last bite just wouldn't cooperate. (I found out later that is the proper way to eat sticky foods, like zone bars for breakfast) Anyway, we were leaving and I said "okay, I guess we are through at Wal-Mart - Campbell do you need anything else?"

She replies: "ummmmm. Ya - a necklace"

I mean she is Renee's child after all!!

I beleive at this point I am supposed to say:
Peace out from Cedar Park


Grita said...

I too had a great time with Campbell..I think Hootie captured it perfectly...and as always...what happens at Gritas stays at Gritas.

Campbell's House said...

Nicely played, Hooty. Nicely played! (I would like to say that I am changing my password... but who are we kidding? This pregnancy is already sucking the brains out of me!!)

By the way, she left out the part that Campbell did not want to come home- period. She cried when I mentioned "home," and then cried when she woke up from her nap and we were AT home! "GREEEEEEEEETA'S HOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE!"

It is safe to say, she had a blast!
Thanks for the help! Opal will be learning some tricks at Poopsie's house... just you wait!

Colette said...

Looks like two spoiled little girls...I'm sure Grita would have it NO other way!