Monday, July 6, 2009

The Freak-Out begins

October sure seems like a long time away when you are thinking about things like:

Yearning for cooler weather... you know those chilly 90 degree days vs the 103 degree days we are enojoying right now

School starting again

Halloween costumes and trick or treating

Autumn colored clothes and trees

Closed toed shoes and boots

Longhorn football

But, as I sat at my desk this morning and began to realize just how many weekends are left between now and October 22, I could feel my heart beginning to beat frantically!
July is practically over. Yes, I know it is only July 9th.... but subtract the weekends that are booked already and I stared at a calendar with exactly ONE weekend free in July.
August does not look much better and September is completely shot.

Holy Moley this baby is going to be here SOON!!! And I am no where near prepared.

At least we have a name for him.
What??? A name you say? One that you are going to share?
Well sort of...

I ask Campbell on a daily basis about her brother's name here is how it went recently

Me: So, what should we call your baby brother

Campbell: Mmmm, I don't know

Me: Oh, come on... what should his name be

Campbell: Mmmm, I tink... White Lovie

Well, there you have it. We shall call him White Lovie! At least for laughs...for a little while. The name is definitely getting jotted down in his baby book and hers, too. Silly girl!

Peace out from Campbell's House!


Branalyn said...

I can be his "Opal" name!

Peggy Rice said...

I've Missed you!!!! Pictures please:) Uh, maybe MJ is talking to her from the grave...