Monday, April 5, 2010

Holy Cow

Easter at the ranch is:
always fun
usually hot
sometimes rainy
tradition- at least 25 years and counting
a feast
material for at least a year's worth of family gossip
better with a cool adult beverage
almost unbearable if you're pregnant
a test of your county girl apptitude
a challenge for a germ-a-phobe
the perfect place for cascarones and an egg hunt
not the perfect place to tinkle ...
(unless you like an outhouse or a nature squat)
and.... feeding the cows!


Peggy Rice said...

LOVing Frank's hat!!! Such a great picture. My country girl side I am sad to report is most likely at rock bottom, but I do love to see yours:) Makes me smile!

Grita said...

And all this without a horseshoe tournament.......But my fave part was those cute grand kids....and seeing how dirty they got. hahaha
Can't wait till next year...and I think it is 30+ years and counting.

Ainzley's Mom said...

I'm left "eating sugar from a spoon" off the list. And the pictures to prove it!