Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Bean takes a dip

Summer time is upon us in Texas... well sort of.
One day it feels warm enough to swim, the next day there are gale force winds- Alan keeps reminding me that it is still technically Spring.  Whatevs.  The kids and I are ready to swim.  We need to get the new pool broken in.

Last weekend we heated up the pool to a toasty 90 degrees and presto- it felt like mid August in South Texas.  The kids had a ball!  Even the Bean.  He loves the water.  The Diva didn't want water in her ears (thanks, Grita).  And, Opal, well... she marches to the beat of her own drummer.  She was just as content to climb the stairs on the deck.

Before you go any further- let me apologize for the stark white image you are about to be forced to see.  You may even want to excuse yourself for some sunglasses.  Seriously.  No, really. Like maybe some cool, pink, princess shades...?

Strategically placed baby 

What kind of pool post would this be without beer?

Hootie and Opal chillin' on the "Whale Deck"

Is this a group picture or a pic of the empties?  Hard to say.

The Diva

I hope you are getting your swim on, too!  We are luh-huving the new pool!
Peace out.

PS- I warned you about the glare!


Peggy Rice said...

I LOVE the whale deck! Just to make you feel better, when Brandon sees me in a suite for the first time of the season, he calls me Powder:)

Haylie said...

I can't wait to come back and swim, hopefully it will be a little warmer!!

Colette said...

I am so sorry we didn't make it out there! Love the pics, the pool looks very inviting & what ghost? are & will always be one hot momma!