Thursday, November 18, 2010

Growing up

~A couple of weeks ago~
Campbell:  Mommy, I fink I am going to have a baby in my tummy.
Me: Someday, I bet you will.
C:  When?
Me: Go ask your daddy.
C:  Daddy, when can I have a baby in my tummy?
Alan:  When your 26.  (I thought he would say something like 40!! or over my dead body)
C: Mommy, 26 is a long time after 4 isn't it?
Me: Yes. (Thank goodness!!)

~This morning on the way to school~
C:  Mommy, how do dogs get to people?
Me: Remember how we went and picked up Ripley at Miss Laura's house?
C: (Disgusted) No, how do they grow up to people?
Me: They don't.  They grow up into dogs.
C: (Even more disgusted) No.  Do dogs come out of people's tummies?
Me:  No, puppies come out of Mommy dogs' tummies?
C:  What about cows?
Me:  Baby cows come from Mommy cows' tummies?
C:  So it has to be a match?
Me:  Right
Long pause of silence from the back seat.
C: Like me and you?
Me: Right
But now I can practically see the wheels turning in her head...
C:  Well, then... what about Stratty?  He is not a match.
Me:  Sure he is.  It is a people match.
C: Hmmm.  More silence.  Well, how did he get in there?
Me:  It's called science.  And you will learn all about it when you are a little older.
C: How old?  When I am 5?
Me:  Maybe
C:  Can we paint after school today?

Heavy conversation for 7:00a.  I wonder what they talk about when Alan takes them to school!

Peace out!

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kacdh said...

That is so funny. She is really thinking. Uhh good segway to painting.