Monday, November 1, 2010

Numero Uno

We've gone from this

To this
And, while he is not allowed to play any position on the football team except maybe kicker, he sure looks cute in his gear!!  

Oh, but he IS allowed to date cheerleaders

He opened his presents with mediocre gusto.  Don't I look thrilled?  Well, I was but for some reason the photographer was not shooting my good side...

Then, I put on a peep show
 See?  I am much happier now that my cleavage and bra are showing! 
As you can tell, Opal nor Stratty could care less about the football hold I've got him in or the darling pants he just recieved.

It's not officially a party without cake.

I was feeling pretty confident when I asked Hootie for my post party grade.  Keep in mind, she teaches Junior High...  She said, and I quote:
There were no balloons.
There were no candles on the cake.
I will give you a B+. (and then she cackled!!)
Hmmm.  Is that B+ for "Birthday Boy" or "B#@*&" ? 

We had a great time!! Thanks for sharing in the special celebration for the Bean!

Happy Birthday, little boy!


Ainzley's Mom said...

I might deduct for lack of train tracks too. Haha. The company deserves an A+ for sure!

Mel said...


Peggy Rice said...

Cleavage does make everything better;-) Happy Birthday to Stratty! I for one say you get high scores for a cake with green frosting, because the anal retentive person in me just can't be that fun.