Thursday, May 6, 2010

You know who you are

I have some butter lovers in my life.  At which the mere thought of putting something as putrid as.... MARGARINE to thier lips would simply revolt them.  I happen to prefer margarine (there I said it).  Stop reading my blog if you must... but I like margarine.  And Cool Whip, too.  Dearly departed Aunt Sandy said (at every opportunity) that Cool Whip tasted like plastic.  I guess I like the taste of plastic.

Anyway, I picked up the current edition of TRIBEZA magazine and cracked up.  This is surely their dream date!


Peggy Rice said...

I'm in love. If he's got wine in the back seat, I'm getting a divorce! Margarine? No. Say it's not true. I will convert you. Cool whip from the tub? NO. You must come visit me and I will show you the errors of your ways!

Haylie said...
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Haylie said...

Ive heard that the difference in margarine and plastic is one molecule as well as cool whip and Styrofoam!!