Thursday, July 31, 2008

Campbell's car, too?

I think she is getting a little ahead of herself, if you ask me...

Picked her up from school today- I had the Tahoe nice and cool for her majesty. I also had one of her CDs ready to play: "Rhinoceros Tap." (this is one of Grita's finds, and I have to admit I find myself singing the songs long after I am at my desk at work). Anyway, the title track it pretty catchy- see for yourself (click on the link). About two bars into the song she starts saying "muh, muh, muh" and pointing to the front seat. Finally I skip to the next song. She listens to a couple of bars and starts to shake her head "no." Are you kidding me? She is barely walking and she is now weighing in on what music she wants to hear?! Hilarious! We get all the way to #13 before she found what she was after. As soon as she heard the intro her head started to bob. I knew we hit pay dirt. She knew the words and was singing right along! "Muh, muh, muh, muh"
I wanted to stop the car just to kiss her. I didn't- I didn't want to ruin her groove.

Little stinker. I thought fighting over music in the car was waaayyyy in the future.

Previous fit throwing: all forgiven, for the moment, anyway.

Sidebar: My faves are 4, 5, 6, & 9. Philadelphia Chickens is also worth buying.

Campbell's Mom


Peggy Rice said...

Aidan gives two thumbs up to Campbell's music!

Haylie33 said...

I am comming to Austin this weekend. I will try to squeeze my carmera in my bag. And I will take sumissions.
-Bathroom Goddess-

Milo & Joey Good said...

when milo was really little, he would scream in the car- unless we played cheap trick's "live at bodokun."

now it's always with the "Rocky Horror..."